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Local Uprising: Bringing you Island Cali Roots Reggae Music with a message.
Original members Beau and Justin have been playing music together since 2006. With
Justin’s lyrical consciousness and unique vocal tone compared to Jacob Hemphill of
SOJA mixed with Beau’s rock reggae influenced musical arrangements and smooth R&B
vocals, along with Christian, Kai and Kahale rounding out the group, Local Uprising is
definitely a band you should see. They have opened up for prominent bands in the
reggae scene like Tribal Seeds, Steel Pulse, Iration, Ekolu, Fiji, Josh Heinricks,
Maoli, and New Kingston.

In August of 2016, Local Uprising will be releasing their debut EP. With songs like “When
She’s Gone (para-dies)” and “What Would You Say?”, this EP tackles some personal and
real social issues going on in society today. They want people to open their eyes and be
aware of what is going on around them. This is a very exciting time for the band. They
have big plans and are ready to start hitting the road hard! So be a part of their journey.
“This is my home, but there is no paradise when she’s gone.”














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