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Brandon Noʻeau Serrano is the front man for the Hawaiian Trio Puʻuloa but has also embarked
on a solo career and is a full time musician throughout Hawaiʻi and the mainland. You can catch
him on any given day of the week at The Ala Moana Hula Show, Hula Grill at the Outrigger Waikiki
Beach Hotel, Ala Moana Center’s Ewa WingThe Moana Surfrider and countless others. A
student of famed 
“Voice Coach to the Stars” Neva Rego Brandon brings back that classical
“Renaissance” era of Hawaiian music.

“If Luciano Pavarotti was to sing Hawaiian music…” 

That is Brandon’s approach to not only Hawaiian music, but any genre he sings or attempts to sing. This operatic
approach to singing is not by accident however. Brandon is an accomplished student of famed Hawaiʻi vocal coach
Aggreneva “Neva” Rego, a brilliant Bel Canto vocalist who lived in Italy for nearly 30 years and shared the opera stage
 with vocal legends such as Luciano Pavarotti, Marilyn Horne, Montserrat Cabale & Placido Domingo to name a few.
 During the World War II Communist occupation of Italy, Neva returned home to teach this Bel Canto (Beautiful Singing)
technique to all the “local kids” who couldn’t even pronounce “Bel Canto”!  Some of these local kids you might know like:
Robert & Roland Cazimero, Les Ceballos, Jimmy Borges, the late John Koko and dozens maybe hundreds more
including Brandon Serrano. With a strict discipline Brandon executes this vocal technique nearly 100% of the time
he’s singing, although he admits when you get caught up in the moment or when you’re having fun on stage, the
technique is sometimes compromised  and the “rawness” of your voice and personality comes through. Brandon,
who is CRAZY over technique admits “although this rawness is equally entertaining, its uncontrolled and
eventually takes away the habitual technique you get from Bel Canto”

“Once you go 12 String, you don’t go back…”

Musically Brandon studied with his uncle Roland Cazimero (mentioned earlier as another one of Neva Rego’s
students) a pioneer of Hawaiian music in the 70’s, Roland Cazimero’s mastering of a 12 string guitar set the
bar for Brandon’s aspirations as a musician. “20 years of studying uncle Boz, and I’m still not there yet!”
Brandon confesses. However, to quote Uncle Roland himself “Play in a way where its not the same, but
just as good!” That attitude allows Brandon to be contempt in his instrumentation, considering he’s an
obsessive compulsive perfectionist when it comes to his music craft. 




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